March 2, 2021

Top 15 Best Kona Coffee 2020 Reviews

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Coffee lovers are continuously bombarded with new types of names, and brands of coffee, each claiming to be the best you will ever taste.

Within this mad whirlpool of competitive marketing, it is quite tough to know who to trust and which merchandise would be well worth the hype.

Among the conditions which you may have encountered is Kona, and many coffee aficionados would agree that it lives up to its standing among the very best on earth.

To assist you know more about those particular beans, I’ve put together the next post.

In it, you’ll discover testimonials of some of the finest Kona coffee makers on the current market, in addition to useful info on java from this area.

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Top 15 Best Kona Coffee Brands 2020

1. Kona Coffee Beans By Picture

Are you seeking the java with 100% entire Kona beans? If so, the Kona Coffee beans By Envision is really what you want.

Some manufacturers may say that their coffee is Kona coffee, however, they feature 10 percent Kona beans blended with other poor coffee beans. However, this item provides you with 100% handpicked and sun-dried java beans out of Kona district, Hawaii.

I am certain that no java lover can withstand the sweet and hearty taste of the medium-dark roast. There’s not any bitterness, and also you may profoundly and intensely concentrate on the caffeine as long as sense its outstanding flavor.

By buying this item, you’ll feel confident since they’re made from 10 percent of the beans that are best in the Kona district. Additionally, it suggests you could have a top-quality item.

In addition, the manufacturer uses the air-roasting procedure to prevent burning and charring. The coffee beans are somewhat more evenly roasted and provide you a cup of java with better flavor in contrast with other forms.

2. Big Island Coffee Roasters

The Kona Bloom out of Big Island Coffee Roasters is packed full of just the finest Extra Fancy grade Kona beans. Unlike lots of other Konas with this listing, the Kona Bloom is made from a mix of Extra Fancy beans out of small farmers. This does change the taste balance of this Kona blend (favorably, in our view ) but in addition, it supports small, local farmers in a manner in which the big-Kona-brand property farms do not.

These Kona beans have been created from Kona Typica, an Arabica variety, and local tradition. These are handpicked, washed and moderate roasted in tiny batches (per week ) to make Big Island’s award-winning gourmet coffee. It’s a beautiful bitterness, with bright and sweet notes improved from the roasting.

Other tasting notes comprise toffee, cocoa, floral cherry, and nougat. It is light and smooth in your own palate and is excellent for pour over and drip java procedures. We also tried it in a French press and were thrilled with the outcomes. Best appreciated black but a dab of milk will not hurt the tastes.

The beans are packed in 10oz or 5lb bags with de-gassing valves such as lace. There is almost always a roasted date on the bag so that you understand how refreshing it is.

Big Island Coffee Roasters isn’t only coffee makers, however. They also supply coffee roasting and grinding services, consultations and Q cupping tests. The indication of coffee lovers! You understand Big Island Coffee Roasters actually is the pros; they are passionate about java and understand the best way to roast it ideal for drinking.

There Are a Number of Other roasts and blends out of Big Island Coffee Roasters, such as a Kona Peaberry, Maui Mellow and Hawaiian Harmony. We recommend checking out the multi-packs, either Bright & Sweet or Dark & Deep, to try out a little everything.

3. Blue Horse Kona Coffee, Dark Roast, Whole Bean – A 100 percent Kona Coffee to Daily Drinkers

Blue Horse is a favorite and freshly brewed Kona coffee which has an appealing price point in addition to produced from 100% Kona coffee. This isn’t the mix, which means you’re certain to obtain a real Kona coffee that’s been cultivated from the volcanic slopes of Hawaii.

What distinguishes this java from the others is its mild flavor which isn’t sour or sodas as other kinds of java.

Consequently, if you aren’t a coffee drinker, then the odds are you will like this Blue Tooth coffee very much. It’s excellent for both casual coffee drinkers in addition to people who consume heaps of cups every day.

With this order, you receive 454 g of Kona coffee so that it is going to last you at least a month if you’re a casual coffee drinker. If you drink over two cups of coffee every day, then we advise that you purchase a minimum of two Blue Horse packets.

Overall, if you’re just beginning and haven’t uttered a Kona coffee earlier, we suggest that you get this item. It might not be the finest Kona coffee in the marketplace concerning flavor or odor, but because of its cost, it’s quite near it.

4. Volcanica Kona Peaberry Coffee Gran Reserve

Volcanica Coffee Company started in 2005 to offer java fans accessibility to high-altitude java grown in volcanic soil. They supply coffee from all around the world.

This Kona peaberry coffee is increased higher in the slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa than many other Kona beans. Food and Wine Magazine have rated it as a Top 10 Coffee.

Available as whole beans or reasons, these beans create a soft and smooth cup.

Described by Volcanica as using an”odor of orange blossoms and cherries” plus a”taste of chocolate and roasted peppers,” this really is a tasty variety which has a sweet honey aftertaste.

As we are often worried about the java farmer’s salary, Volcanica guarantees us they cover fair-trade coffee costs that exceed their foundation expenses.

The gourmet coffees provided by Volcanica aren’t combinations however pure, mountain-grown beans, frequently from one farmer or household of java bean producers.

Volcanica peaberry coffee in the Gran Reserve comes at a 16-ounce bag along with the beans have been roasted to the afternoon of transport so as to find the best possible coffee for the doorstep.

If you prefer to not grind your beans then you can purchase pre-ground Kona coffee straight from Volcanica.

5. Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee Vanilla Macadamia Nut

Here, we’ve got something a little different than what you’d typically find in these kinds of reviews.

I’m presenting a product which I cautioned you about in the last sections, a Kona mix. My reason for picking this brand is to show you that blending does not mean poor, and sometimes, they may be awesome.

Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee comprises 10 percent of Kona beans, also to make their product stand out, they have added some Hawaiian macadamia nuts in addition to vanilla. The outcome is an intriguing and delicious mix which I would highly advise you to try.

The coffee grounds are offered in 10-ounce bags, and considering that the size, its cost is far lower than a few of the pure Kona bundles.

The mix is a moderate roast, which provides a smooth-bodied beverage with sweet and nutty undertones. It does not possess the richness of 100 percent Kona, but it’s still a fun drink.

This can be an all-purpose grind significance it may be brewed with almost any way you would like, and I suggest trying it chilly since it will make a great refreshment on a hot, summer afternoon.

6. Kauai Whole Beans Kona Coffee

Kauai Coffee is dedicated to farming practices which are sustainable to the environment. The business is pleased to be among the most significant drip coffee houses on the planet.

Moreover, they have a sustainability plan for gardens, such as a cover crop and composting application to make healthier soils, decrease using artificial fertilizers and insecticides, reduce irrigation demands and enhance coffee quality.

The warm Pacific sun, rich volcanic property, ample mountain storms, and trendy Kauai trade winds produce perfect conditions for developing outstanding coffee.

Kauai Coffee Company, that develops approximately 4 million coffee trees on 3,100 hectares, is among the largest coffee producers in Hawaii and, consequently, among the largest coffee producers in the USA.

All Kauai Coffee goods, such as Single Serve Pods, are created from pure Arabica beans, which offers a smooth, flavorful taste and wonderful odor.

Each cup is a fun experience!

These men grow five types of Arabica coffee beans: yellowish kabuki, reddish kabuki, tibia, blue mountain, and Mundo Novo.

7. Koa Coffee, Kona Peaberry Kona Coffee

Koa Coffee is back at it, but this time using a feistier Peaberry Kona bean.

Do not worry Koa’s Peaberry beans discuss each the amazing features of the Grande Domaine Vienna Roast. Like it is brotherly bean, the peaberry roast is bloated, smooth, highly-acclaimed, and yummy.

Therefore, what’s the distinction?

Contrary to the Grande Domaine bean, Koa’s Peaberry moderate roast includes the irregular and evasive peaberry. Peaberry Kona is regarded as lively and is frequently called the”Champagne of Kona.”

8. Mountain Thunder 100 percent Kona Coffee Espresso Roasts Grounds

Mountain Thunder is a high quality Kona that is easily priced. It is also long-lasting, as you get almost twice the quantity of the typical 7-ounce size.

If you are trying to set your espresso machine to great use, Mountain Thunder Kona Espresso beans are a fantastic option. Each bag includes 1 pound of Mountain Thunder’s darkest roast of pure Kona coffee. Luckily, these are pre-ground for you. Espresso beans are known to purify coffee grinders because of their oiliness.

Of the numerous Konas we have seen, 7 oz is the smallest dimensions. It is also the most frequent. Avid coffee drinkers understand how fast that a 7-ounce bag of coffee belongs.

Luckily, Mountain Thunder provides their espresso roast in a whopping 1 lb each bag. It’s a more lasting alternative whilst nevertheless invisibly.

9. Kona Coffee & Tea Cultivating Community 100% Kona Coffee Medium Roast Beans

Kona Coffee & Tea Cultivating Community are a award-winning brand that’s certified 100 percent single-estate. Their coffee beans are sent in vacuum-sealed bags for maximum freshness. Each bag is created with only the maximum quality beans employing sustainable harvesting procedures.

While pure Kona coffee drinkers affirm their coffee is really increased in the Kona district, they do not specify precisely where. Kona Coffee & Tea Cultivating Community are quite particular about where their pure Kona is increased: over a family-owned, single-estate farm that is raised high from the Hualalai mountains. Their beans flourish in volcanic dirt and is sun ripened to get a milder taste.

Their moderate roast bags each contain 14 oz of legumes. Since a few Kona manufacturers simply include 7 oz per tote, this brand provides a bigger size. But that additional worth is reflected at the premium cost.

10. Hualalai Estate Coffee 100% Kona Coffee Decaf Beans

Hualalai Estate Coffee is a reliable brand with high quality, authentic Kona merchandise. That is the reason why this decaf Kona is one of the best selections. Their decaf makes it possible for individuals who prevent caffeine to still appreciate the sour notes of pure Kona.

Each bag includes 7 oz of naturally decaffeinated coffee beans. They are a medium-dark roast, that is normal for a Kona coffee.

There are several techniques to take out the caffeine content from java beans. A number of them involve additives that are unhealthy. But, Hualalai utilizes a far fitter and fitter decaffeination process: the water system.

It is leaves and leaves the fantastic flavor of their coffee beans. Therefore, Hualalai considers their decaf Kona is your best-tasting decaf on the market.

11. ​ KB Kona Bean Co Kona Coffee, Dark Roast, Ground ​ ​exceptionally Reliable 100 percent Kona Beans

Kona Bean Co is a business which specializes in Kona coffee. They’ve a property in Hawaii in which they do large scale cultivation of Kona beans. Since they’ve been doing so for several years, this firm can be reputed for utilizing one of the finest Kona coffee beans available on the industry.

Since there legumes are sun-dried, each of the flavors and taste are all maintained. In addition, the packaging is airtight in order to further comprise the taste of the Kona coffee. The sole caveat, we notice with this item is that you get just 227 g of beans. It may have been !

However, in comparison to other expensive Kona coffee in this review, for the exact same weight, it’s certainly value for money. This is chiefly explained by the simple fact that this is incorrect coffee and knothole legumes.

But If You’re Searching for a 100 percent Kona coffee that ​has an affordable price, then this is a Superb buy. ​

12. Out Of The Grey (Single Origin Royal Kona) Greenwell Estate Extra Fancy Organic Coffee

From The Grey Coffee delivers a tasty assortment of the greatest coffees from all around the world and sells them to purchase.

Greenwell Farms is directly in the center of the Kona district and have been preserved by the Greenwell family for more than 200 decades! The coffee produced this is roasted and packed on the exact same farm which it has grown.

This additional fancy Kona includes a profound and fruity flavor with a mouth texture reminiscent of syrup. You will detect hints of berries and almonds from this wonderful bean.

Oddly enough, their Greenwell Estate coffee does not offer the individual placing the order the choice to pick a specific roast.

13. Maud’s Kona Coffee Blend K-Cups

1 thing which makes this different from the goods mentioned above is that this really is really a single-serve coffee pods.

You can rest sure of always fantastic taste all of the time. On top of that, producing your caffeine fix is guaranteed to be a cinch. It’s compatible with nearly all single-serve K-cup brewers and coffee makers, such as 2.0 versions.

It uses only 100 percent Arabica coffee, which means you don’t have a thing to fret about its flavor. It’s made better by the fact it is home-roasted in a small centre in San Diego. They’re created in tiny batches to ensure the very best concerning quality.

If you’re worried about the environment, you may love this item too. It’s a 100% recyclable K-cup manufactured from 5 plastic. The tab isn’t hard to peel, giving a guarantee that recyclability will be simple.

14. Royal Kona Coffee

Last but not least among the listing is Royal Kona, possessed by the Hawaiian Coffee Company. You’ve got 8 distinct options of Kona entire beans alone out of this brand. The most notable would be the Personal Reserve Medium Roast (very smooth and fragrant ) and the Estate Moderate Roasts (rated extra fancy using a slightly lighter roast to get brighter notes).

The Private Reserve is just available to purchase 2lb bags, nevertheless. So, we also urge the Pure Kona Sampler Collection. This makes you 3x 7oz bags of whole bean such as the Estate, Private Reserve and moderate roast peaberry. Anticipate those yummy and complex Kona tastes to be emphasized in those 3 roasts.

If you’re searching for a budget choice, you could even locate Sam Choy’s Volcano Roast. It only contains 10 percent Kona but is superbly blended to an 8oz bag. It is a moderate light roast using the timeless Kona tastes packed out using a mix of additional gourmet coffee beans. For under $10, it is definitely worth trying.

The newest Royal Kona is java royalty. This was the very first Kona, the first. Long before Kona tantalized taste buds across the world, Royal Kona was busy adapting to Kona coffee in Hawaii. Now, as a portion of Coffee Company, they’re backed by Chef Alan Wong and the largest roaster of Kona coffee from the entire world.

The Kona beans have been roasted by Lion Coffee at Hawaii, all by machine and conveyor belt. You can really have a trip round the mill and roasting factory in the event you are visiting Hawaii!

15. Kona Joe Gourmet Blend Dark Roast Kona Coffee

The Kona Coffee of Kona Joe Coffee is grown on the slopes of Hualalai in Hawaii, so it’s a distinctive and fresh taste. This coffee is roasted in 19 minutes, and you may feel the flavor of molasses and chocolates when ingesting this.

The Kona Joe Coffee firm increases coffee on the trellis, and several winemakers also utilize this technique. And this business is the first to apply this innovative method in developing coffee. And the outcome is they produce exceptional tasting coffee with appropriate sugar concentration and titratable acid.

The packaging of this item is ingenious. You will find a resealable zip lock along with a gas valve to guarantee no excess atmosphere will impact the coffee’s freshness. To keep the taste of this item, you should not place it on your refrigerator. You would rather locate a cool dark place to keep it.

Buying Guide

What’s Kona coffee?

Kona Coffee is a Arabica collection cultivated on the slopes of Mauna Loa and Hualalai, in the north and south of Hawaii. Simply sparkling white wine from the Champagne region in France is called”champagne”. Likewise only coffee that’s grown in the Kona area could be marketed under the title Kona.

Kona coffee is grown under ideal conditions: it’s sunny from the mornings and muddy, rainy in the day. The weather is mild, there’s practically no end. In this heaven, java trees grow mineral-rich, fertile volcanic land. It’s worth noting that every Kona coffee farm generates a particular range of legumes because everywhere has its own microclimate.

What exactly does Kona flavor like?

The flavor characteristic of real Kona coffee is exceptional. It’s a mix of six possessions. Due to every one of these, Kona coffee is second to none. When preparing a beverage, the very first thing you see is a sweet odor. Having taken the first sip of Kon, you may experience a pleasant and rich, succulent flavor with a touch of honey or nuts. It resembles caramel, butter, cocoa, and fruits.

Additionally, the beverage has low acidity, which means it attentively treats the gut and feels really soft. You may prefer the sour aftertaste of nuts and citrus. Not merely are the flavor attributes of Kon’s java exceptional, but its bodily effects additionally emanates from the standard. It does not bring on the jitters like regular java and has a far more gentle calming effect. You may feel calm, but in precisely the exact same time, you’ll have the ability to restore strength.

Hawaiian coffee from various farms has distinct taste properties. Some legumes possess a clearly berry-like aroma, but some ooze vanilla. The notes of preference may also alter. But from all Kon’s legumes, a wealthy and sweet, tender and rich beverage is obtained. You likely have salivated.

What’s Kona’s coffee overly costly?

You’ve likely noticed that the producers of Kona advocated by us to sell their merchandise in a higher cost than normal. Unlike cheaper coffee types which are grown on large plantations, Kona is generated on a tiny scale. This practice is very time intensive and pedantic.

The vegetative period of Kona coffee is 12 weeks. In February and March, java trees blossom, organic pollination occurs. From April to August, veggies are shaped. From September to January, mature fruits are chosen. Nature likes to keep you waiting for Kona beans. For your coffee tree to begin to bear fruit, three decades have to pass!

Even following this period of time, just 24lb of fruits could be gathered from every tree. Remember the 1lb of coffee accounts for nearly 9lb of fruit. This can help to understand in a season it’ll be possible to accumulate a lot of fruits from 1 shrub that just 3lb of the final product is sufficient. There are now around 700 Kona coffee manufacturers from the Hawaiian Islands. It’s here that the entire stock of the variety is focused.

Fruit picking

If the fruits of the coffee tree ripen, they’re green, but burgundy. As a result of thisthey are occasionally known as”berries” Each berry includes a pair of legumes, which will then be marketed. Manufacturers manually harvest java fruits, which is very time-consuming. Why don’t you use a vehicle? The simple fact is that the fruits of java trees don’t ripen at precisely the exact same moment. As a result of this, attentive human eyesight is necessary if picking berries. Even though the underwater landscape of the Kona area is great for growing legumes, this region is rocky and mountainous.

Mechanical cultivation and harvesting aren’t possible . By doing this, we could conclude the farming of Kona necessitates widespread utilization of manual function. This is definitely the most time-consuming procedure on earth!

That is just another reason behind such a high cost. People choosing fruits pick them density, colour, and dimensions. Following that, the system eliminates the flesh and just the beans stay. They’re washed and dried in sunlight. After picking out the beans, then the practice of processing the beans requires 24 hours. This type of high speed of this process is extremely important: the legumes shouldn’t go bad, they will need to keep fresh.

Beware of scammers

I strongly recommended to you the 10 best producers of actual Kona whose goods you may try. Like many other house baristas, sooner or later, you will likely choose to independently learn more about the industry so that you can make certain you aren’t missing anything.

I know that you’re obviously interested. However, I don’t desire you to provide money to deceivers who frequently they market a product and call it”Kona”. It comprises 10 percent of Kona and 90 percent of Native or Brazilian Arabica. Regrettably, there’s not anything illegal about it. In all honesty, it’d be better to conserve cash and just as readily purchase regular ground coffee from Brazil.

You won’t detect differences in flavor between imitation Kona and regular Brazilian. If you would like to enjoy appropriate Kona, make sure you obtain something that’s certified as 100 percent Kona. There are lots of methods to check if you’re in the market for real Kona. Figure out whether the newest in Hawaii is cited in the advertisement or the item description. When there’s not anything, then you need to not get this item. Proceed to the brand’s site and see where they receive from. Coffee should be reached in the Kona area of ​​the Big Island of Hawaii. If a different place is signaled, then this isn’t technically Kona.

Avoid brands that talk of”Hawaiian preferences,” but do not mention that the Kona region. The majority of the Hawaiian Islands aren’t acceptable for developing legumes: it’s either too humid or too hot there.

Some producers using products from different regions are attempting to raise sales by stating that their beans possess a Hawaiian flavor. However, this isn’t real Kona! In a nutshell: Look for brands which have Hawaii and Kona in their product labels. Even better, if the business talks of the volcanoes of Mauna Loa or even Gualala.

Which will be the Kona mixes?

Kona Blends is a combination of expensive beans. They can be obtained in Africa, Brazil, Central America or even Indonesia. Mixtures of Hawaiian Kona should comprise at least 10 percent Kona. Exterior of Hawaii, a mix might have just 1 percent or less Kona. Technically, a mix can just have a single Kona bean!

The combined state laws should include Kona proportions on labels. For clean goods, the words”100 percent Kona” ought to be observable on labels.

Can Kona coffee has a promise of quality?

Kona is a small area where beans have been grown. Nevertheless, in it, all the same, different regions are creating a product of distinct quality. Every Kona packaging is analyzed and assessed by the Hawaii Department of Agriculture (HDA).

Should you require top-quality products, start looking for the HDA mark on the packaging. Assessment is based on several different criteria: size, shape, size, moisture content, and bean makeup. Most frequently, the quality is large. Roasters prefer using the least imperfect legumes. In case the merchandise has chips, chips or deformation, then it won’t be roasted equally. As a result of this, the legumes won’t be as yummy as they are. There are eight classes of quality assurance: Extra Fancy, Fancy, 1, Select, Prime, 3, Organic Prime, and Mixed Natural Prime. Kona Beans rated”Extra Fancy” are of the maximum quality. They’re the most costly. Coffee connoisseurs think that beans of groups 1-5 belong to the maximum class, and there’s almost no difference in flavor. Just categories 3 and under must be avoided. They allow the greatest number of faulty beans 35 percent.

Where to Purchase Kona?

Most producers of the Kona have their sites. You may order directly from them. A listing of producers is on the Kona Coffee Farmers official site. If you purchase straight from KCF member farms, then you’ll find the best coffee. Additionally, support small enterprise. Additionally, real Kona can be bought from several producers on

Different types of Kona coffee

Kona Arabica is categorized by kind of bean:

Type I two legumes in 1 berry, then the legumes are flat on one side and oval on the other. Additional gradation Is Dependent upon quality:

Kona Extra Fancy;

Kona elaborate;

Kona Number 1;

Kona Select;

Kona Prime.

Type II just one round bean in berry (peaberry):

Peaberry Number 1;

Peaberry Prime.

The lowest tier is named Number 3 or Triple X and cannot include the word Kona; it’s marketed under the name”Hawaiian java”.

Kona Coffee History

English sailors brought the first coffee seedlings from Brazil into Hawaii in the start of the 19th century.

It’s thought that Spaniard Francisco de Paula Marina, an advisor to King Kamehameha Iplanted java on the island of Oahu. Then in 1828, American missionary Samuel Ruggles planted coffee trees around the Big Island from the Kona area, where they attracted an superb harvest. It was that everything was proven to be quite beneficial for java expansion: rich volcanic soil, particular weather requirements and farm peaks above sea level.

Very soon, people started to plant trees around Kona. So the industrial manufacturing of coffee from Hawaii has been born, and also the coffee there was known as Kona. The premium caliber of Kona coffee was initially recognized in 1873 in the World Exhibition in Vienna when its vendor Henry Nicholas Greenwell had been given the prize for its excellence of the variety.

Now, Mr. Greenwell’s shop in Kealakekua is recorded on the National Register of Historic Places and serves as a museum. The descendants of Greenwell continue to develop, process and roast Kona coffee, and organize excursions to their own farms, in which they acquaint people who want with the procedure for developing coffee, the manners of its own processing and roasting.

In the end of the 19th century, German breeder Hermann Weidemann attracted a fresh coffee tree into the Kona area.

This plant, initially associated with Guatemalan Arabica, became famous as”Kona average”

(in Hawaiian it’s”Melian Koppe” American java ) and has become the most cultivated from the Kona region.

In 1899, when world coffee prices dropped sharply and it became unprofitable for big plantations to grow legumes, they rented small regions of lands (from 5 to 15 acres) to farmers that was the source of their family farm tradition which exists from the Kona area for this day.


Which are the few finest different roasts?

Some of the very best and most enjoyed one’s roasts are recorded as: American: comprising 20% more coffee, this is actually the lightest. Vienna: the hottest medium roast present. French: the dark roast.

Which is the hottest coffee of Mountain Thunder?

The Private Reserve- Vienna Roast is regarded as the most popular java of Mountain Thunder.

Does Mountain Thunder sells floor coffee?

Yes. Mountain Thunders does have bundles for whole beans

Just how long can roasted java to be stored?

Any roasted coffee that is sealed from the vacuum bag could be kept for as long as annually. When you’ve opened the seal, then it depends upon how you’ve saved it. When it’s grounded, then use it in just a month and if it’s complete bean then utilize it over six months.

What could be accomplished with lesser quality Kona Coffee?

The lesser tier ones are offered under another title of the brand although maybe not Mountain Thunder. There are several other brands that produce 10 percent of Kona Coffee purchase this java. These lower grades may be used to make body scrubs or create other homemade solutions.


It is time to flip your morning brew to a relaxing island getaway. Kona Coffee is a very unique, one-of-a-kind premium bean. Is it worth the excess money? TheFoxe8 definitely think so.

Irrespective of which Kona bean you pick, we are convinced you will be happy you spoiled yourself onto a delightfully brilliant, smooth, powerful Hawaiian brew.

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