March 2, 2021

Top 14 Best Coconut Water Brands 2020 Reviews

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Coconut water is among the most refreshing and carbonated drinks around, as a result of its elevated electrolyte contents. It comprises several nutrients that are critical for us.

It’s quite high in potassium, which can help stabilize blood pressure and fluid balance in the body and may even stop cramps and headaches.

Organic and raw coconut water would be your best bet, as soon as accessible. Organic raw coconut oil comprises living enzymes, which help digestion and metabolism.

Additionally, it contains complex B-vitamins amino acids. Its elevated hydration quotient stems from potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and sodium.

Not too long ago, a craving for coconut water may have needed a plane ticket to Thailand or even the Caribbean. Now, it is everywhere, even in your corner pharmacy.

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Obviously, just like almost any popular solution, the choices are growing and plenty. So, TheFoxe8 consulted 20 nutritionists to learn which their favorite brands are and why.

What’s Coconut Water?

At the simplest type, coconut oil is the liquid that has been found in the center of coconut oil. Normally, the youthful green water will include the most healthy and the yummiest, and the liquid from the aged brown coconut comes with an acidic taste and is slightly sour.

Following this fluid is emptied from the center of the coconut, then it is going to be packed or bottled at a format that is sealed to keep it fresh. Some manufacturers generally pasteurize before packaging, which enables users for quite a very long moment.

Is Coconut Water Good For You?

Coconut water is the liquid found in immature and fresh coconuts. Coconut water contains a relatively large number of electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals, and it can replenish lost fluids at a speed equivalent to that of sports beverages, making coconut water a natural and wholesome choice to those bottled drinks full of sugar.

As a low-calorie and alcoholic beverage drink in comparison to a lot of bottled beverages and juices, coconut water is allegedly to have the ability to assist with fat reduction, improve physical performance, lower blood pressure, and cholesterol.

But, according to the BBC, the majority of these significant health advantages of drinking coconut oil continue to be disputable and absence of evidence to support the claims.

However, it does not alter the reality that coconut water is currently among the very popular and best-selling drinking goods in the international beverage marketplace.

Top Rated 14 Best Coconut Water Brands

Vita Coco Coconut Water

Let us start off using Vita Coco Coconut Water. Essentially, this is a 12-pack package which contains 11.1-ounce bottles of top quality unaltered, coconut water. It is among the best-rated coconut water goods, that’s the prime reason why we are opening up our overview of their best coconut water testimonials with it.

Vita Coco’s 12-pack coconut water collection is remarkably affordable. Particularly if we take into consideration, the bottles are perfectly sized, drinking a jar every day will bring one of the best health benefits without taking up an excessive amount of potassium (and the rest of the dangers it introduces ).

It comes in organic’ and original’ variants, even though the differences between the two are minimal. The’Organic’ variant is only USDA accepted while the first’ version is that the old’version’ that matches pretty much exactly the very same ingredients.

This specific batch of coconut water is unexpectedly refreshing; it sports a slew of electrolytes and nutrients, and also, you may be certain you will feel totally revitalized after drinking much under a bottle per day.

What’s more, that the Vita Coco coconut water packs only about sixty calories per jar, meaning it’s absolutely ideal for sportspeople and exercise fans.

What is most important to understand about Vita Coco’s packaging of coconut oil is the fact that it is totally free of gluten, fat-free, and genetically modified ingredients. It is as healthy as could be, though you should still avoid drinking a lot of it so as to avoid increasing your cholesterol amounts above normal.

This bundle is extremely affordable, even though we are completely overlooking the simple fact you will benefit twelve instances of 11.1-ounce bottles.

Bai Coconut Flavored Antioxidant Infused

If you’re seeking to remain hydrated for quite a while and, at exactly the exact same time, to delight in the flavor of an exotic drink, this coconut water out of Bai is a smart option. Its flavor is abundant, but it doesn’t have the excess sugar and calories which candy drinks usually supply.

If you’re considering cutting sugar off, you don’t need to worry about fantastic taste. This beverage, being a highly valued coconut water at the moment, will let you receive that excess mood increase, in addition to the wholesome antioxidants in the coconut water, as well as against the caffeine it contains.

Bai attempts to create its goods as healthy as you can, in addition, to secure, and that’s precisely why this coconut water has erythritol indoors to give it its sweet flavor. This ingredient also causes this item really have a low glycemic index. The coconut water is created from healthful non-GMO ingredients, and it’s fermented and vegan.

The jar isn’t filled while the item is hot, and also, the plastic it’s made of is BPA-free. It contains 50 milligrams of polyphenols, which can be excellent antioxidants, and 4.5 g of vitamin E, which help you maintain a healthy body.

Zico Natural Coconut Water Drink

The Zico Natural 100 percent Coconut Water is regarded by the fans among those high-quality products, which are a must-try for everybody who would like to stay healthy. It’s created 100 percent of coconut oil, and it does not have any extra sugar or tastes.

Zico is among the most trustworthy coconut water manufacturers also it leaves the bottles of the product BPA-free as well as the coconut water 100 percent dish and non-GMO. It contains 9 grams of sugars, but that can be natural sugar, maybe not add sugar. So you may say that it comprises as much sugar as you’d get if you’d drink it straight by a coconut.

A few of the buyers believe it isn’t sugary enough in comparison to other coconut waters and that it tastes best when it’s chilly. It’s fermented. Also, it comes in bundles of 24 bottles. It’s an excellent choice for athletes to rehydrate after an intense exercise and for anyone who would like to gain from the electrolytes that this water contains.

This coconut water isn’t inexpensive coconut water and contains just 50 calories per 100 g, and it’s zero fat. It supplies you with 13 percent of the daily recommended dose of potassium, 4% of calcium, and 2% of sodium. This is calculated in a daily 2000 calorie consumption.

Amy & Brian Coconut Water Original

Amy & Brian is fresh that delivers a massive collection of tasty snacks and beverages. Their menu consists of a myriad of top flavored and non-flavored coconut juices. Interestingly enough, distinct variations include Coconut juices with lime, coconut juice with cinnamon, coconut juices, and also the first’non-flavored’ one.

This specific package is the First’All Natural’ coconut juice. The batch is only organic and made from entirely natural, genuine Thailand coconut. What’s more, the sturdy tin cans where the drinks are saved will keep them clean throughout the whole trip.

The cans will also be strong enough to withstand a number of lumps, so you can be certain your Amy & Brian coconut juice bundle will come without any scratches.

Talking of free’, this batch of coco juice is totally free of glutenfree, sugar, and GMO components. Rather, it sports all the vital electrolytes you will want to get a wholesome way of life, including potassium, magnesium, calcium, and calcium.

Among the largest differences between Amy & Brian’s natural coconut juice bundle and similarly priced packages is in this batch comes with a bundle of twenty-four 10-ounce coco juice cans to top everything, the package is quite cheap too.

C20 Pure Coconut Water

C20 is easily among the largest names in the coconut oil business, and rightly so if we could add. This brand has put the bar of quality, as their lemon juices comprise the optimum balance of components. The batch includes twelve cups of 17.5 oz of premium-quality lemon juice.

This coconut water is made of green Thailand coconuts and contains lots of sodium and potassium; drinking one can daily rejuvenate your body and keep you pumped with energy. C20’s coco juice is easily among the best organic coconut oil available on the marketplace.

That is having been said; it’s absolutely great for almost anybody from sports lovers and exercise fans looking for a little bit of additional energy because of their workouts to folks who merely want to stay healthier.

The whole batch is totally organic and doesn’t feature any sort of focus, fat, or GMO-based ingredients.

Among the chief differences between C20 coconut oil and other cocoa, juices are this particular batch that has very little pulp in it. In reality, there is so little pulp that most folks won’t actually feel it.

Concerning flavor, the C20 coconut water is completely fabulous. It is exceptional in this subject of functionality compared to the majority of versions we have covered up to now, though it will come at a slightly higher cost.

Last, but definitely not least, you’re going to get your C20 coconut juice bundle in a super tough case. You may be certain that each one the cans will stay intact no matter where they’re sent from and to.

MOJO Pure Coconut Water

What do we say about the Mojo Pure Coconut Water? Well, it actually has got your mojo working, and we’ll inform you about it. This also is a 100% natural product that doesn’t have any preservatives, meaning it is constructed from green coconuts.

Hence, nutrition is a lot. As we’ve stated in the purchasing manual, green coconuts imply that there is no need for additives.

It’s no natural or artificial additional sugar, and it’s constructed from non-GMO coconuts. The pure coconut water is low in sodium, and it does not have any gluten. It’s a 100 percent vegan beverage that may be employed by those that are gluten intolerant or diabetic since its low all-natural sugar levels don’t offer the beverage a high glycemic index, which could influence glucose levels.

The container contains 11.1 fl oz, plus it includes great electrolytes like potassium, sodium, and calcium at the healthiest amount feasible for optimum hydration. It doesn’t include any coconut focus, and it has no additional flavors, it retains the pure flavor of fresh coconut water that’s a tiny bit sweet and a little nutty, ideal for coconut water fans.

Naked Juice Organic Pure Coconut Water

If you are a vegetarian who’s seeking to match their diet with something quite unique, we advise that you give Naked Juice Organic coconut water per opportunity. Naked Juice is fresh that specializes in creating top-shelf natural vitamins, and protein shakes from all sorts of fruit, and it just appears to be that coconut oil is their own specialty.

This brand provides its natural cocoa water in many flavored variations, even though we’d advise that you stick with the’natural organic’ for best effects.

Naked Juice’s coconut water bundle includes 12 seas of 16.9-ounce coconut water bottles. We must also mention that this item is USDA accepted, meaning that it is entirely natural and organic; there aren’t any GMO or synthetic ingredients from Juice.

The thing which divides Naked Juice’s coco water out of similarly priced packages and bundles is that it tastes just like a part of paradise. It is a fact that so far, we have seen many brands offering ultra-tasty coco juice packs, but Naked Juice is performing only somewhat better in this specific area of functionality.

Each coco juice jar contains approximately 890 mg of potassium and other electrolytes, meaning that Naked Juice’s coco water is a borderline energy beverage. That, however, is even more reason why you need to not drink a lot of it, particularly if you’re emotionally straining yourself a little.

Thirty-2 Levels Organic Kefir Coconut Water

This coconut water out of Thirty-two Levels differs from that which we have spoken about previously since it’s fermented coconut water. It’s constructed from green coconuts and probiotic cultures, and it’s a terrific alternate to kefir for vegans. The probiotic cultures are created up of 15-30 billion CFUs per 2oz, which makes it a fantastic beverage for the health of your own intestines.

Coconut kefir is a superb way to stay healthy, and study states it may enhance your immune system, and it can help keep a healthy liver and mind. For those that wish to purchase low-calorie goods, this vegan coconut water kefir is a fantastic option since it’s just 12 calories a serving.

It’s pure coconut water, and it’s also 100 percent GMO-free. It does not have any additives or additional sugar, which makes it a product to love, particularly in the event that you would like to decide on a substitute for kefir made from cow milk. It’s dairy-free in addition to gluten-free.

It’s actually important to understand that it’s no additional flavors, it isn’t manufactured from coconut focus, and it’s also an organic item, which makes it a fantastic alternative for individuals that wish to go organic and prevent products which have compounds in their makeup.

O. N. E. Pure Coconut Water

Next up is O. N. E. Coconut water. Basically, O. N. E. is a tiny retail manufacturer that sells all sorts of materials from camera cases, over pocket components, to youngsters pajamas. Nevertheless, the great majority of their catalog is consumed by only organic coconut water packs and bundles, which explains the reason why they have made it on our list of their best coconut water packs in 2020.

First of all, the O. N. E. Pure coconut water bundle includes 12 bottles of 16.9 ounces. There’s not any special formula since there’s only one ingredient, coconut water. O. N. E. Pure coconut water has been GMO-free and fermented certified.

It isn’t only for men and women that are fighting gluten intolerance. However, O. N. E. Pure Coconut Water bundle comprises lots of electrolytes, meaning it is super healthy and perfect for everybody.

The recyclable tetra-pack bottles are sized just right. They could fit into each average-sized arm break or cup holder.

Wai Koko Coconut Water

Wai Koko’s coconut water is following on the menu; this coco juice is a schoolbook example of what quality is supposed to appear, feel, and taste like. Basically, the Wai Koko juice package is a pair of twelve 17.5-ounce cans full of pure coconut juice.

It does not feature any kind of artificial additives, sweeteners, and there is not a speck of glutenfree, fat, or focus in it.

The Wai Koko brand specializes in creating all sorts of coconut-based drinks. We have handpicked this specific batch since it delivers the best balance of quality and quantity.

This batch of coconut oil is packaged with all the vital electrolytes, such as potassium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, and calcium. Vegans certainly love it because of the fact that it contains nothing but pure, natural coconut water. It is literally the only fixing.

The packaging of Wai Koko juice is very beautiful, to say the least; it comes with a witty totem-like caricature munching on two open coconuts. Aside from looking good, the headphones can also be rather durable. You may be certain that the containers will not warp or dent throughout the time they’re traveling to a doorstep.

Purity Organic Coconut Water

Much like the majority of the packages we have covered thus far, the Purity Organic coco juice package comprises twelve 17-ounces tetra-packs.

Purity Organic is an all-organic brand, the same as the title suggests they mostly manufacture and market fruit juices extracted from 100% organic fruits, but they also have a couple of rather appealing coconut water packs around the menu.

This batch of coco juice is the sole non-flavored version; if the flavor is too dull for you, you will find a few more choices available, like the chocolate coconut, cherry coconut, and pineapple citrus.

What’s more, that the Purity Organic coco juice package was certified by USDA as entirely non-GMO, fermented, organic, and kosher merchandise. You may be certain that the whole package comprises nothing but entirely natural, single-ingredient lemon juice. It is easily among the best coconut beverage packs in the marketplace.

Thirsty Buddha Coconut Water with Watermelon

Who does not love watermelon? This merchandise from Thirsty Buddha is a fantastic mixture of coconut oil and watermelon juice, which makes your mouth say’Wow!’. Similar to the other coconut waters we’ve talked about, it’s a natural product that has organic coconut oil and organic watermelon juice.

The product doesn’t have added sugars so that it will have a pure flavor, great for those that like the fresh taste of pure products. It’s full of electrolytes that make this coconut water an excellent hydration beverage. One cup of the coconut water contains 20 percent of their daily recommended dose of vitamin C.

Additionally, it includes 440 mg of potassium and 60 milligrams of sodium, giving your body with the appropriate number of minerals required for optimum hydration levels. It comes in 33-ounce containers, which are BPA-free. It’s best for you to just drink it in two days once you’ve opened the container, and you always keep it in the refrigerator.

It’s an excellent solution for those that are health-conscious and are searching for healthy choices to hydrating drinks, providing you the mood increase of a tropical flavor. It’s cholesterol-free, in addition to gluten-free.

Coco Vio Coconut Water

Coco Vio includes a fantastic competitor into the coconut waters we’ve presented before. It’s 100% youthful coconut water, and it doesn’t have any preservatives. It’s no additional sugars or added tastes, although users state that its flavor is so abundant that you may believe it will.

The Coco Vio coconut water can be a wonderful selection for those that participate in intense physical activity, who consume it following a workout or for those that wish to gain from a fantastic flavor together with healthful nutrients and electrolytes, particularly because the coconuts utilized are young, which that they supply you with a nutrient-rich beverage.

It’s a non-GMO product that’s full of electrolytes and vitamins. It comes in 32 fl ounce bottles, which guarantee 32% of the daily dose of potassium and 61% of the daily recommended dose of vitamin C, dependent on a nutritious diet of 2000 calories every day.

It has no added colors, and it does not have some cholesterol. It’s low in sodium. A 32-ounce jar has just 261 milligrams of sodium. Additionally, it will come with just 240 calories a bottle, which makes it a fantastic selection for individuals that don’t need to put on additional weight.

NutriVsta Pink Natural Coconut Water

The NutriVsta Pink coconut oil is regarded as one of the high tech goods available on the industry at this time since the coconuts it is made out of are from respectable sources. It’s constructed from youthful green coconuts, that’s the reason the color of the coconut water is pink. That’s how you know that the coconuts it’s made of are extremely young.

It’s a wonderful beverage for highly active individuals like athletes since it’s high in nutrition, using five vital electrolytes that are essential for optimum hydration. It contains 30 milligrams of calcium, 380 milligrams of potassium, 15 milligrams of potassium, 30 milligrams of sodium, and additionally phosphorus, an essential nutrient that can help you stay hydrated.

This coconut water doesn’t include any additional artificial preservatives or sugars, nor does it have some artificially added colors. The pink color is organic. It’s fermented and cholesterol-free; also, it includes just 60 calories per 8 fl oz.

It’s a wonderful alternative for those that wish to find the most quantity of nourishment from their coconut oil and for individuals that wish to go organic. This product has no synthetic ingredients.

Points to Think about Before Purchasing Coconut Water

Coconut water was a staple of tropical foods for centuries and has also been used in Ayurvedic medicine as well as other conventional medicines.

Coconut water in the united states is normally flash or UHT pasteurized or processed with high-pressure processing (HPP) since there are not many raw (unpasteurized) sources out there.

Coconut water that’s raw or unpasteurized has to be stored refrigerated, and its shelf life is limited.

Coconut water will ordinarily have a sweet and smoky flavor. It may be drunk as it can be used in smoothies, popsicles, cocktails, sauces, puddings, curries, cakes, salad dressings, and much more.

The Difference Between Coconut Water and Coconut Coffee

Coconut water is the clear liquid in the coconut, whilst coconut milk is refreshing coconut meat blended with coconut oil. Coconut water is extracted from youthful green coconuts when at about nine months old, they’re just full of water.

Since the coconut ages, then the water transforms into the snowy coconut flesh that’s later grated or pressed to generate the creamed coconut, oil, or milk.

Coconut Water Nutrition

An unflavored and no extra sugar is reduced-calorie, comprising between 45 and 60 calories per 8 fl. oz serving. It’s also reduced sugar, and its own 9 g of carbohydrates are easily digestible. This leaves pure coconut water fitter than many sports beverages, sodas, and some fruit juices.

An eight fl. Oz serving of coconut oil may also comprise approximately 3 g of fiber, 2 g of protein and 10 percent of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C. Coconut water can also be a source of many amino acids a number of which can be in a greater amount than in cow’s milk and it’s a particularly rich source of arginine, the amino acid that helps the body respond to physiological strain.

Coconut water also contains natural electrolytes like potassium, magnesium, and sodium, even though the amounts of them vary as a coconut pops.

Coconut waters that are flavored or feature added sugars must be treated more closely than coconut water since their glucose, fat, as well as sodium content, could be radically improved. Adhering to some pure coconut water is generally always the most economical way to delight in coconut water.

Coconut Water for Active Lifestyles

Adequate potassium intake is very important for electrolyte and fluid balance in our own bodies, particularly during exercise. Consuming sufficient potassium in the body may also help stop against cramps. Although potassium is in foods like bananas, melon, grapefruit, oranges, and spinach, an unbalanced diet may indicate a decreased intake of this mineral that is important.

Due to its high potassium levels about ten times as far as a few sports beverages – coconut water can assist the body to remain hydrated during exercise and might possibly hydrate your entire body better than plain water and equivalent to sports beverages following exercise. Still, another study found that coconut oil can cause more stomach bloating and upset, though.

Though coconut water just includes a smaller quantity of magnesium, the calcium is necessary from the body to assist change calcium and potassium to muscle tissue to aid with muscle contraction and relaxation. Magnesium also plays an essential part in organ function and energy generation.


Can Coconut Water Have A Natural Coconut Taste?

Obviously, coconut water has been created from young green coconut and has to possess the organic coconut flavor. The flavor of pure coconut water has an airy and gently sweet taste.

Should you drink the coconut oil, which is included with the overwhelming sweet taste, perhaps it comes in the artificial coconut oil.

Could I Drink Coconut Water Before A Workout Or Play Sports?

Bottled coconut water generally contains vitamins, antioxidants, electrolytes, which are extremely great for relieving hunger, preventing breakage, and strengthening the human body.

What’s more, it has only the fitting concentration of carbs to provide your body with sufficient energy throughout the workout and play sports without causing stomach distress or upset stomach.

Maybe, coconut water would be the best substitute for a standard sports beverage.

I Can Drink Coconut Water Daily, Can not I?

Coconut water includes natural enzymes and a couple of calories, so that it ensures that you can drink every day. Nonetheless, you need to control the intake in case you don’t need to obtain a high amount of potassium in blood pressure or blood.

Can Coconut Water Boost My Weight?

The coconut water raises your weight, yes or no, based on the way you drink it. Should you drink sugary and carbonated beverages daily, switching into coconut oil might have the opposite impact, it can help you shed weight.

But remember that coconut oil is the fruit, and coconut oil generally contains fructose. Based on your lifestyle, coconut oil may have distinct consequences.

How Long Could I Drink Coconut Water After Launching?

Better is the following launching; you must drink instantly. The packed coconut water might be a risk for swallowing after launching. Some coconut water manufacturers indicate referring once you start this package. Once opened, this fluid has to be imbibed within two days after they’ll turn rancid.

What’s the Disadvantage Of Coconut Water?

As you probably know, the advantages of coconut are incontrovertible. However, it doesn’t signify the coconut water does not have downsides. Possibly the basic disadvantage of coconut oil is comprising more potassium as a banana per 11.1 fl oz 16.9 fl oz bottle or package.

This vitamin is quite practical for virtually all individuals since it can relieve appetite, prevent dehydration, and fortify your entire body. But should you drink coconut oil in surplus and non-moderation can result in diabetes, higher blood pressure?

Coconut water isn’t a fantastic alternative if you’re on a low carb or ketogenic diet because while this beverage includes low calories, virtually everyone these calories do come out of fundamental carbohydrates.

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Coconut water is a superb way to raise your potassium intake, particularly as potassium is tough to see in modern diets. It is high from another electrolyte your body needs to operate properly, too, for example, magnesium.

Coconut water can also be equally as powerful as routine water or technical sports beverages for athletes, and its own anti-inflammatory effects might help treat ailments and upset stomachs. Although buyers should be careful of varieties that have lots of sugar or additives, generally, coconut oil gives a secure and healthy way to stay hydrated.

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